CCSEL Student Fellows

2019 – 2020 Community Engaged Fellows
(Not pictured: Mia Edwards, Allie Elliot, and Gretchen Schrafft)

What is a CCSEL Student Fellow?

The Community-Engaged Fellows program was created by the University of Denver’s Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning (CCESL) to advance aspects of the Collaboration for the Public Good strategic initiative of the university’s new strategic plan, DU IMPACT 2025. The program provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and contribute to the University’s vision of being “a great private university dedicated to the public good”.

CCSEL Student Fellows are each focused on a specific interdisciplinary issue area and are charged with:

  • Co-developing a plan to advance community-engaged work in this area in consultation with community members, campus stakeholders, and other necessary partners on campus;
  • Identifying activities (events, programming, assessment, etc.) to advance collaboration in their issue area;
  • Facilitating inter-disciplinary collaborations that deepen the university’s impact on  our community’s most pressing issues; and
  • Convening faculty from multiple disciplines, assisting with the coordination of efforts, developing a tracking and reporting process, and generally managing updates and accountability for their issue area.

To learn more about the CCESL Student Fellows program please visit CCESL’s main website.